Abyss Rank Suggestion

I think that the game should add MORE incentive for players to play/pvp at high ranks. I understand that transforming already has huge advantages, but there are many who really don’t care much for them. Also, transforms are extremely unbalanced (eg. sorc/cleric/glad xforms are significantly better then ranger/sin/chanter xforms). There are many people like myself who do things to avoid PvPing at high ranks. Doing things such as maximizing AP/PvP time between rank 1 - officer ranks or maximizing AP icons (only handing them in when past 2-3 star).

I’d suggest that abyss ranks (Above rank 1) give passive PvP bonus. It would definitely give more incentive for people to PvP at higher ranks. I think that the game SHOULD do more with titles (As I suggested a while ago in my ‘ladder’ dredgion rewards; relating it to ‘bringers’ from cabal). However, these passive bonus’ should not be active in dredgion, new EC PvP or anything PvE related.

But really, it wouldn’t hurt if you gained like

1% pvp atk/def/heal boost for being 1 star (1 - 1.5% from 1star - 5star)

2.5% as General (Maybe some HP/Crit Resist/Spell Resist after star officer ranks)?

3.5% Great General

5% as Commander

5% as Governor and party summon (Like SM summon but ability to transport your whole group), No more then 5% because governor transform is already pretty good with the abyssal verdict skill.


Obviously most of this is still rough, and just off of the top of my head. But I sincerely believe that you should get some sort of bonus in PvP at higher ranks.

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