My Aion has been pretty routine lately….Basically just siege and semi-afk camp eye for debara, the gold key mob. I don’t even often do many of my dailies anymore lol. Better then last month at least…Then I was pretty much only able to Siege then I was preoccupied doing other stuff =/.


I think what I’m going to attempt to craft 5 balic bows some time soon, if they proc i’ll save ap/medals up for the AP 60 condition bow…..if not I’ll just work on finishing the rest of my accessories. I also wouldn’t mind using my DKP on a 6s suna bow if it drops….but I assume I’d get outbid. I’m leaning towards re slotting my AP60 armor set to HP instead of MR because it seems quite shitty tbh….but I’ll have to take some time to decide later. Gold keys are pretty boss I’ve gotten quite a lot of them recently….but I got no where as many as Bun has @.@ I think he has around 40 of them lol.

PS: Sorry for all the text….I’m only on my laptop so I don’t have any pictures to attach….+ I’m trying to sleep but it’s not working !!

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